Month: June 2018

Different Ways to Accessorize a Baby’s Girl’s Outfit

Skinny Bows for NewbornsWhen dressing up a baby or toddler, there are different ways you can go about it. So long as you keep your baby comfortable, you can dress them up in different themes and use different accessories. Even newborns have options of accessories made just for them like Skinny Bows for Newborns which add a little flare and let everyone know your baby girl is already so stylish. Below we talk about the different ways you can style a baby girl starting from when they are newborns to toddlers and even teenagers.

Hello Kitty Skinny Bows

Hello Kitty is loved by almost every little girl out there. If your kid is a toddler she probably already has some items that are Hello Kitty themed or even a hello kitty themed room (if she is a hardcore fan lol).  You can incorporate hello kitty into her outfits too. You can add a Hello Kitty Skinny bow or a hello kitty purse to an already colorful outfit for extra personality and style.

Go Pink!

Every little girl loves pink and even adults too. For your baby girl you can go crazy in pink and dress her in pink head to toe. Owning it is a fashion statement in itself. You can also match pink accessories with a plain outfit. So pink bows or headbands matched with pink bracelet, bag or even a pink shoe.

Use Flowers

You can add flowers to any outfit in the form of bows. You could also dress them in a floral dress or floral inspired denim pants or dungarees. Even better, match a  floral dress with floral accessories for the ultimate spring look. Bold colored flowers like red or yellow stand out a lot. This gorgeous colors will contrast beautifully with your daughter’s skin. Purchase a frilly red dress with rose details and allow your baby to be the loveliest flower of them all.

Polka Dots

Prints always look great on kids and one print that is usually underrated is the polka dots. Polka dots are a great print pattern that can bring playfulness to an outfit. It’s perfect for any age and if you are the experimenting type, it can also be paired with other prints. They also look great with lace or chiffon

Ballerina Style

Have you ever seen a little girl in a pink tutu? Chances are you have because its a signature style of little girls everywhere. Long before Carrie Bradshaw wore one, little girls have always loved their ballerina style. You can match it with a leotard or ballet flats or even add prints to make it more colorful.

Disney Princess

Every girl wants to be a princess. My niece insists she’s a princess and every now and then she likes to dress the part. You can dress your daughter in a princess attire of their favorite Disney princess or favorite Disney character. Or if they are too young to choose for themselves, dress them as your favorites.

Summer to Fall

There are 4 seasons in the year and each season parents have to get new set of clothes for their kids. If you live in a city where it’s pretty much the same seasons a year round then you are free from this burden. But with a majority of parents, buying new sets of clothes each season can be quite challenging so these tips below will show you how to stretch your kid’s clothes through different seasons.

Add Long Sleeves

You can add long-sleeved shirts to summer clothes by styling them under summer t-shirts or dresses even to get the perfect fall outfit. Department stores like Walmart and Target have plain long sleeved shirts and T-shirts that go well with layering. This is a great way to transition into fall without changing your kid’s entire wardrobe. You can also get long sleeves in the form of zip-up hoodies or button-up sweaters that can be worn with t-shirts or dresses when the weather gets cooler. They are also great for chilly mornings or chilly evening during the summer.

Buy a Quality Jacket

When you buy a good quality jacket it can last through seasons and years without needing to be replaced. When buying this, buy a jacket that will match almost any outfit. A denim jacket is a good option but make sure it is a warm enough jacket. A good denim jacket that’s comfortable will act like a zip-up cardigan, with a bit more weight. Your child can also wear a jacket over short sleeves to stretch the life of those summer shirts.

Buy Tights for the Girls

Just like long sleeves, tights can be worn under summer clothes in the cooler weather. And just like long-sleeves, you can get tights for cheap in department stores like Walmart and Target. A summer dress can be worn well into the fall by pairing it with tights and a pair of boots.


Vests are another great clothing item to have for layering. Putting a vest over a t-shirt can be a great way to style an otherwise summer outfit for fall weather. When it gets colder, then you can pair vests with long sleeves as well.


If you are the crafty or DIY type, then you can do some sewing and convert some summer clothes into fall. You can find some gems in thrift stores and DIY them into something unique for your kids.

Use Accessories

Finally, you can’t go wrong with accessories. You can use accessories like scarves, hats, or long socks can make an otherwise summer outfit feel quite warm.